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QoS Better Bandwidth Management

See the below steps for different options you have for improving your bandwidth in order of ease. You can use one or more of these steps to give you better bandwidth for better quality calls.


Apply Prioritizing Ports

You can achieve better QoS through configuration of your network elements to apply DSCP tags to traffic coming from the relevant ports, and by applying DSCP tags to the packets at the desktop using Quality of Service (QoS) group policies.

Apply DSCP tags to traffic coming from the following ports:

Client Scenario Port DSCP Value
Client Audio 10,000 – 20,000 46
Client SIP Signalling 5060 – 5061 40
Client Video 58000 – 58039 34
Client Media Port 5350 – 5389 34
Client Application Sharing 42000 – 42039 24
Client File Transfer Sharing 42040 – 42079 14


Media Codecs
Audio RTAudio Wideband, Narrowband, G.722, G.722 Stereo, G.711, Siren, SILK Wideband, SILK Narrowband
Video H.264, H.264/RTVideo

Increase Bandwidth Capacity

Check your network monitoring reports to ensure you have enough bandwidth capacity–increase if necessary. Circuit ID provides estimates of bandwidth requirements in our Management Portal.

Order Direct Connection

Order a direct direct connection to one Circuit IDs data centers. For more info on ordering a direct connection, please contact our sales team by opening a ticket our Management Portal.

Updated on February 26, 2018

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