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How to Escalate a Ticket at Circuit ID


This article demonstrates step-by-step instructions for Escalate a Ticket at Circuit ID.

Step-by-Step Instructions

The below table will detail the steps required to accomplish your goals:


Check Email

Please note that whenever a ticket is created or updated, a copy of that update is sent to all parties via email. If you are a party on the ticket, then check your email to see if you have received any ticket updates.

Check Online Management Portal

In some cases, ticket updates may be blocked by spam etc. Therefore, we recommend that you always check the online management portal for ticket updates. To do so, from the dashboard click the Support icon in the upper right hand-side of the page, next click on Tickets as shown in Exhibit 2a.

Note, if your ticket has been replied to and closed, you will need to adjust the ticket filter to find it as shown in Exhibit 2b.

Phone directory tab
Navigate to Tickets
Ticket Filter
Ticket Filter

Call Support

If the above steps have confirmed that your ticket has not been replied to, call Circuit ID at one of the available numbers listed on the Circuit ID help page.

Ensure to have your Ticket ID ready before you call as our telephone agents will not be able to connect the call to a Support Engineer without it.

Request Premiere Support

In cases whereby either do not qualify for support, need support outside our network or simply would like to work with a higher-level engineer, then you can request premier support if you have purchased and have available premier support hours.

Contact Account Manager

In cases whereby you have a complete outage and are unable to contact support, reach out to your account manager directly. Your account manager is the person who assisted you with the sign up process. If you are unsure who your account manager is, contact our customer care department for assistance.


Congratulations! You have now completed the "How-To Escalate a Ticket at Circuit ID" article and we hope that you have accomplished the goals you set out to achieve. However, if for any reason you may still require assistance with setup, simply login to the Management Portal and submit a support request.

Updated on November 19, 2018

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