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How to setup a Voicemail Account


This article demonstrates step-by-step instructions for How to setup a Voicemail Account.

Product Features

Receive Voicemail via Email
The perks of modern communication technology is endless. Who says, sending and receiving text messages can only be done with your mobile phone. No need for a phone to receive text messages, you can receive SMS right to your email.
Transfer Calls From Call Queues, IVR Menus and more to Voicemail
Great news! You can now easily configure your Menus via the web portal and send calls directly to your voicemail. You can even configure after-hours calls to be routed to your voicemail. This feature conveniently allows customers to leave a call back number even during non-operation hours.
Select and Play Multiple Greetings
If you are looking for ways to enhance your voicemail system, this feature is for you. You can set up multiple greetings with the use of the custom voicemail greeting option on the portal. Setup is easy with just a few steps. Get this feature now!
Timeout to Voicemail
It can be a bit annoying for customers to wait on the line, just so your voicemail can pick up the call and they can leave a message. This feature allows you to quickly change the number of rings before the call gets routed to your voicemail.

Step-by-Step Instructions

The below table will detail the steps required to accomplish your goals:



Login to the Management Portal by clicking a sign-on provider or entering your Email Address and Password as shown in Exhibit 1. If you don't have an account, you can sign signup instantly by clicking here.
Management Portal Login Form

Purchase Voicemail License

To get started, go to Billing and click Orders as shown in Exhibit 2a. Next, click new to view the products and services page as shown in Exhibit 2b.

Then, choose Voicemail and select the Term and Quantity from the drop down list as shown in Exhibit 2c, and click Next on the bottom right side of the page as shown in Exhibit 2d.

Email Recordings with Keywords
Navigate to Orders
Email Recordings with Keywords
New Order
Email Recordings with Keywords
Choose Voicemail
Email Recordings with Keywords
Click Next

Review and Complete the Purchase

Next, review the product you are purchasing, and click on the Next button as shown in Exhibit 3a. Remember, you will need one voicemail license per user.

To complete the purchase, you need to choose your Payment Type from the list of options, and click on Checkout on the bottom right side of the page as shown in Exhibit 3b.

Email Recordings with Keywords
Review Cart
Email Recordings with Keywords
Make a Payment

Enable Voicemail on a User

Now, navigate to Organization > Users as shown in Exhibit 4a. Next, select a User as shown in Exhibit 4b. Then, go to the Licenses tab, and search for Voicemail . Click the slider to enable it. Lastly, click on the Save button to complete the process as shown in Exhibit 4c.

You’re done! Voicemail is now enabled on your first user.

Phone directory tab
Navigate to Organization
Select User
Enable Voicemail

How to Setup Your Greeting

Almost done! To record your name or Voicemail greeting, follow the below steps:

  1. Call your Voicemail box phone number and press the “0” key during the Voicemail greeting.
  2. You should be prompted to enter in your Voicemail PIN. Key in your Voicemail password followed by the “#” key to continue.
  3. At the main menu, press “5” to access your mailbox options.
  4. Record your greeting by pressing “1”. You can also optionally record your name by pressing “3” or choose your greeting by pressing “2”.

Now that you have recorded your greeting, go back to the specific user’s page by navigating back to Organization > users and selecting the user again.

Click on the Voicemail tab and setup your voicemail by entering the required information. Once you are finish click save to commit your changes as shown in Exhibit 5.

For you convenience, a description of each field is provided below.


Select how many seconds you would like your voicemail to timeout at.
Greeting Type
Select your greeting type from the following options:

Default: Will play a default voicemail greeting.
Playback Number:Enter the desired phone number, the greeting will playback that phone number.
Upload: Upload your greeting file here.
Record:Select your recorded greeting from the drop down menu.

And you are done! You may test it by calling your voicemail number.

Select Greeting Type


Congratulations! You have now completed the "How-To Setup a Voicemail Account" article and we hope that you have accomplished the goals you set out to achieve. However, if for any reason you may still require assistance with setup, simply login to the Management Portal and submit a support request.

Updated on November 15, 2018

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